Membership of Gwent Family History Society grants the following benefits:


Published in March, June, September & December each year, this contains appropriate articles and information, and members may use it to express opinions, to ask for assistance and to publicise their own lines of research. In this way, many members have made contact with others researching the same name and even the same family, through the pages of our Journal.

Our Quarterly Journal is distributed free to members, but costs £3 to non-members. Its Editor positively thrives on contributions from any of our members, whether they are articles, letters for her to publish, or even the odd snippets of interest that can be included. These should be sent to our

Editor: 50 Queens Hill, Newport, Gwent NP20 5HJ or

The copy deadlines (for receipt of material) for issues are normally:

  • 10th January for March Journal
  • 10th April for June Journal
  • 10th July for September Journal
  • 10th October for December Journal

However, copy should be sent well before these dates to allow time for delivery and any editing that may be necessary, which the Editor reserves the right to carry out if required.

Due to an increase in postage costs the society has had to consider how to save money. The biggest expenditure we have is the printing and distribution of our quarterly journal. The executive committee had many discussions and asked members to let them know what would be the preferred option. 1. To reduce the number of journals in a year from four down to three. 2.  Raise the subscriptions by a large amount for all members to cover the costs of sending the journal overseas . 3. To raise the subscription by a small amount and to give members the option of receiving the Journal electronically.

The third option was the one chosen. At present the electronic journal is sent out by email. However, it is the aim of the Society to have the Journal available as a downloadable file for all members.


A record is kept of the names being researched by members that they have advised us of, together with dates, places etc (subject to a maximum of ten surnames being recorded per member). These are published in the Journal as soon as possible after a member joins the Society, and they are also made available, on request, to other members who are researching the same name.

The Members’ Interests Index is now available to members only online,

Under the UK Data Protection Act of 1998, you must give us permission before we are allowed to publish any of this information. Listing any names in the interests section of your Member’s Profile gives us permission so please DO NOT list any names in your Members profile if you do NOT want us to publish your details

This is why we cannot accept advice of Members Interests via GENfair and why, if you want to become an Overseas member and join using our GENfair facilities, we ask you not to include your Members Interests details when you join.


Most of our Enquiry Services can be used by our members for half the fees that non-members are charged.

And we also offer a range of further facilities, to help you with your researches, that are available to members only.

In both cases, please see our separate page on Enquiry Services.