Branch Facilities


Each Branch has a library of books which is taken to its monthly branch meetings and members may borrow from this stock for a small fee. The selection of books are of historical or genealogical interest, to assist members with their researches or to provide information on the social or historic background.


Members attending meetings of Newport and Pontypool Branches will find a variety of books on sale on their Branch book stalls, published by the Federation of Family History Societies and others. These include books specifically aimed at helping members with their research.

Profits made from the sales of these books go directly into branch funds, to help purchase further resources.;


Most Branches each have a library of CD-ROMs, from which members may borrow at the monthly branch meeting, with donations being welcomed so that further stock can then be bought. Their ‘core’ selection of CD-ROMs comprises the LDS Vital Records Indexes for Great Britain and the 1881 Census Index for Great Britain.Other selections vary from branch to branch, and include items such as the 1851 3-county Census Index, the LDS Vital Records Indexes for North America and Australia, the UK-InfoDisk, and the 1851 Census Indexes for Gloucester and for Bristol. Check with the branch concerned for details of the actual stock but please remember they can only be borrowed in person at the monthly branch meeting. And one of Murphy’s Laws of Genealogy states that there may be a waiting list for the one you want!


A number of our branches obtain copies of the Family Tree Magazine and Family History Monthly each month for those members who are interested. At some branches, the members receive and pay for their copies at the monthly meetings of Family History Monthly, whilst also other branches arrange for its members to complete subscription forms for them to have their copies delivered direct by post at a reduced annual cost to their homes. In each case, as well as being more convenient for members, it is an extra way of raising funds for the branch through the special discount arranged with the publishers.


All branches hold a copy of the 1881 Census Index section for Monmouthshire and most of our Branches own a copy of the International Genealogical Index for the UK on fiche. Sections of the 1881 Census Index for some of the other counties in England and Wales, and sets of various other fiche, have been purchased by the individual Branches in accordance with the interests expressed by their Branch members.

For a nominal charge, these may be borrowed by the members, together with the loan of a fiche reader for those members who can arrange to collect it and return it.


Our Blackwood Branch arranges trips from Blackwood to The National Archives at Kew in London, via Newport and Chepstow, on a regular basis each year.

All trips are publicised in advance at branch meetings and all members are eligible to join in, provided seats are available. Please see our Events page to see more details and the dates of the trips that are currently planned.