Other Monmouthshire Place Names

Local districts & hamlets within parishes and alternative English/Welsh variant names

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Abaty Tyndyrn Welsh for Tintern Abbey
Aberbargoed (major part) part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Aberbargoed (minor part) part of Gelligaer, GLAMORGAN
Aberbeeg part of Llanhilleth
Abercarn part of Mynyddislwyn
Abersychan part of Trevethin
Abertillery part of Aberystruth
Abertysswg part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Allteuryn part of Goldcliff
Argoed part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Bargoed (minor part) part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Bargoed (major part) part of Gelligaer, GLAMORGAN
Bassaleg part of Graig
Beaufort part of Aberystruth
Bishopstone variant of Bishton
Blackwood part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Blaenafon Welsh for Blaenavon
Blaendare part of Panteg
Blaentillery part of Aberystruth
Blaina part of Aberystruth
British Iron Works part of Trevethin
Bryn part of Mynyddislwyn
Brynbuga Welsh for Usk
Brynmawr (part) part of Aberystruth (NOTE: townwas primarily in Breconshire)
Caerleon Ultra Pontem part of Christchurch
Cas-gwent Welsh for Chepstow
Casnewydd Welsh for Newport
Cefn Crib part of Trevethin
Cefn Fforest part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Cemais variant of Kemeys Inferior
Cemais Comawndwr variant of Kemeys Commander
Charlestown part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Chwilgrug variant of Wilcrick
Cilgwrrwg variant of Kilgwrrwg
Clawrplwy hamlet of Mynyddislwyn
Clynmawr part of Aberystruth
Coalbrookvale part of Aberystruth
Coed Aughred part of Skenfrith
Coed Cae part of Aberystruth
Coed y Mynach Welsh for Monkswood
Coldra part of Christchurch
Craig y Master part of Newchurch
Croesyceiliog part of Llanfrechfa, Lower
Cross Keys part of Mynyddislwyn
Crumlin part of Mynyddislwyn
Cwm part of Llanhilleth
Cwm Ffrwd-oer part of Trevethin
Cwmavon part of Trevethin
Cwmbran part of Llanfrechfa, Upper
Cwmcarn part of Mynyddislwyn
Cwmcelyn part of Aberystruth
Cwmfelinfach part of Mynyddislwyn
Cwmtillery part of Aberystruth
Cwmffrwdoer part of Trevethin
Cwrtybella part of Mynyddislwyn
Devauden part of Newchurch East
Drenewydd Gelli-Farch Welsh for Shirenewton
Ebbw Vale (part) part of Aberystruth
Ebbw Vale (part) part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Egwlys Newydd ar y Cefn Welsh for Newchurch East/West
Eglwys y Drindod Welsh for Christchurch
Fishpool part of Christchurch
Fleur-de-Lys part of Mynyddislwyn
Garndiffaith part of Trevethin
Garnfach part of Aberystruth
Gelligroes part of Mynyddislwyn
Gellihaf part of Mynyddislwyn
Gilwern then in Breconshire
Glyn Ebwy Welsh for Ebbw Vale
Gofilon part of Llanwenarth Ultra
Golynos part of Trevethin
Govilon part of Llanwenarth Ultra
Goytrey variant of Goetre
Grace-Dieu Park part of Dingestow
Griffithstown part of Panteg
Gwndy Welsh for Undy
Hafodyrynys part of Llanhilleth
Hardwick hamlet of Abergavenny
Hengastell Welsh for Oldcastle
Hollybush part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Islawrcoed hamlet of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Kymin Hill part of Dixton Newton
Liswerry part of Christchurch
Little Tintern part of Tintern Parva
Llanbaddock variant of Llanbadog
Llanbedr Gwynllwg Welsh for Peterstone Wentlloog
Llandavenny variant of Llandevenny
Llanddewi Nant Hodni Welsh for Llanthony Abbey (see below)
Llanddewi Ysgyryd Welsh for Llanddewi Skirrid
Llanddingad Welsh for Dingestow
Llanddinol Welsh for Itton
Llandegveth variant of Llandegfedd
Llandeilo Bertholau Welsh for Llantillio Pertholey (Ultra & Citra)
Llandeilo Gresynni Welsh for Llantillio Crossenny
Llandysoe variant of Llansoy
Llaneirwg Welsh for St. Mellons
Llanelly Hill then in Breconshire
Llanfable Welsh for Llanvapley
Llanfaches variant of Llanvaches
Llanfair Cilgedin variant of Llanfair Kilgeddin
Llanfair Grange part of Llantillio Crossenny
Llanfair Isgoed variant of Llanfair Discoed
Llanfarthin variant of Llanmartin
Llanfferrin variant of Llanvetherine
Llan-ffwyst variant of Llanfoist
Llanfihangel Gobion variant of Llanfihangel Juxta Usk
Llanfihangel Nigh Usk variant of Llanfihangel Juxta Usk
Llanfihangel Troddi Welsh for Mitchel Troy
Llanfihangel-y-Fedw Welsh for Michaelston-Y-Fedw
Llanfihangel-y-Gofion Welsh for Llanfihangel Juxta Usk
Llanfocha Welsh for St. Maughans
Llangaddog variant of Llangattock
Llangattock Juxta Caerleon variant of Llangattock
Llangattock Juxta Usk variant of Llangattock Nigh Usk
Llangatwg Dyffryn Wysg Welsh for Llangattock Nigh Usk
Llangatwg Feibion Afel Welsh for Llangattock Vibon Avel
Llangatwg Llingoed variant of Llangattock Lingoed
Llangiwa variant of Llangua
Llangoven variant of Llangovan
Llangwm variant of Llangwm Uchaf
Llangybi Fawr variant of Llangibby
Llangyfiw Welsh for Llangeview
Llanhennock juxtaCaerleon variant of Llanhennock
Llanhenwg Welsh for Llanhennock
Llanhiddel Welsh for Llanhilleth
Llanllywel Welsh for Llanllowell
Llanhowell Welsh for Llanllowell
Llanisien Welsh for Llanishen
Llanllywel Welsh for Llanllowell
Llanrumney part of St Mellons
Llansanffraid Gwynllwg Welsh for St. Brides Wentlloog
Llantarnam variant of Llanfihangel Llantarnam
Llanthewyrytherch variant of Llanddewi Rhydderch
Llanthewyskirrid variant of Llanddewi Skirrid
Llanthewyvach variant of Llanddewi Fach
Llanthony part of Cwmyoy
Llantrisaint Fawr variant of Llantrissent
Llanvair Cilgedin variant of Llanfair Kilgeddin
Llanvair Isgoed variant of Llanfair Discoed
Llanvair Kilgidin variant of Llanfair Kilgeddin
Llanvapley variant of Llanfapley
Llanvihangel (various) variant of Llanfihangel (various)
Llanvihangel Gobion variant of Llanfihangel Gobion(Llanfihangel-Juxta-Usk
Llanvihangel Pontymoile variant of Llanfihangel Pont-y-moel
Llanvihangel-Roggiett variant of Llanfihangel (near Rogiet)
Llanvihangel Troddi variant of Llanfihangel Troddi(Mitchel Troy)
Llanvoist variant of Llanfoist
Llanvrechva variant of Llanfrechfa
Llanwarw Welsh for Wonastow
Llanwynell Welsh for Wolvesnewton
Llanwytherin variant of Llanvetherine
Llanygofain variant of Llangovan
Llanyrafon part of Llanfrechfa, Lower
Llwyndu hamlet of Abergavenny
Lower Race part of Panteg
Maerun Welsh for Marshfield
Maesycwmmer part of Gelligaer, GLAMORGAN
Magwyr Welsh for Magor
Maindee part of Christchurch
Mamheilad variant of Mamhilad
Mamhole variant of Manmoel
Manmoel hamlet of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Matharn variant of Mathern
Michaelstone-y-Vedw variant of Michaelston-y-Fedw
Mynyddmaen hamlet of Mynyddislwyn
Nantyglo part of Aberystruth
Newbridge part of Mynyddislwyn
New Inn (part) part of Panteg
New Inn (part) part of Llanfihangel Pont-y-moel
Newton-Wolves variant of Wolvesnewton
New Tredegar (major part) part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
New Tredegar (minor part) part of Gelligaer, GLAMORGAN
Oakdale part of Mynyddislwyn
Overmonnow part of Monmouth
Pandy part of Abergavenny
Pant part of Mynyddislwyn
Pan-teague variant of Panteg
Pantygasseg part of Trevethin
Park Grace Dieu variant of Grace-Dieu Park
Penalth variant of Penallt
Pengam (part) part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Pengam (part) part of Gelligaer, GLAMORGAN
Pen-hw variant of Penhow
Penllwyn part of Mynyddislwyn
Penmaen hamlet of Mynyddislwyn
Penmain variant of Penmaen
Penrose variant of Penrhos
Penteri variant of Penterry
Pentrepiod part of Trevethin
Pentwynmawr part of Mynyddislwyn
Penyrheol part of Panteg
Pen-y-Cae district of Ebbw Vale (see above)
Pillgwennly district of Newport
Ponthir part of Llanfrechfa, Lower
Pontllanfraith part of Mynyddislwyn
Pontnewydd part of Llanfrechfa, Lower
Pontnewynydd part of Trevethin
Pontrhydyrun part of Llanfrechfa, Lower
Pontymister part of Risca
Pontymoel part of Panteg
Pontymoyle variant of Pontymoel (see above)
Pontypool part of Trevethin
Pontywain variant of Pontywaun (see below)
Pontywaun part of Risca
Porthcasseg part of St. Arvans
Porth Iscoed Welsh for Portskewett
Portscuett variant of Portskewett
Rhagland variant of Raglan
Rhisga Welsh for Risca
Rhymney part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Rhymni Welsh for Rhymney
Roggiett variant of Rogiet
Rumney, Mon variant of Rhymney (CARE: there is also a Mon. parish Rumney, Cardiff)
Runstone part of St. Pierre & Runstone
Sain Pyr variant of St.Pierre (of St.Pierre &Runstone)
Saint-y-brid Welsh for St. Brides Netherwent
Sebastopol part of Panteg
Sirhowy part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Six Bells (part) part of Aberystruth
Six Bells (part) part of Llanhilleth
Snatchwood part of Trevethin
St. Kingsmark part of St. Arvans
St. Lawrence part of St. Arvans
St. Michael Troy variant of Mitchel Troy
Skenfreth variant of Skenfrith
Somerton part of Christchurch
Swffryd part of Llanhilleth
Talywaun part of Trevethin
Tintern Abbey part of Chapel Hill
Tranch part of Trevethin
Trecelyn district of Newbridge (see above)
Tredegar part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Tredegar Newydd Welsh for New Tredegar (see above)
Tredelerch variant of Rumney (see above)
Tredynog Welsh for Tredunnock
Trefddyn Welsh for Trevethin
Trefesgob Welsh for Bishton
Trefonnen Welsh for Nash
Trefynwy Welsh for Monmouth
Tregare variant of Tregaer
Trelleck variant of Trellech
Trelyn part of Bedwellty (Rock Bedwellty Sub-District)
Tre’r-Gaer variant of Tregaer
Trinant part of Mynyddislwyn
Trosnant part of Trevethin
Tryleg Welsh for Trellech
Tryleg Welsh for Trellech
Tydu district of Rogerstone
Tyndyrn variant of Tintern Parva
Uchlawrcoed hamlet of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Upper Race part of Panteg
Upper Ynyscoy part of Panteg
Varteg part of Trevethin
Victoria part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Victoria Village part of Trevethin
Waintysswg part of Bedwellty (Tredegar Sub-District)
Wattsville part of Mynyddislwyn
Welsh Bicknor parish in Herefordshire
Wentwood part of Kemys Inferior
Whitebrook part of Llandogo
Witston variant of Whitson
Wyesham part of Dixton Newton
Y Betws Welsh for Bettws
Y Fenni Welsh for Abergavenny
Y Grysmwnt Welsh for Grosmont
Ynysddu part of Mynyddislwyn
Ynysgynwraidd Welsh for Skenfrith