We offer the following services:


This service covers the burial registers for the parishes we have transcribed for the National Burials Index (NBI), and the increasing number of parishes where we are transcribing the burial registers for inclusion in the next Edition of the NBI. Details of the parishes can be found (marked “GWNT”) on the NBI Coverage page for Monmouthshire on the FFHS website.

The fee for this service is £2 per surname [including variations specified by the enquirer] per parish, or £5 for a blanket search of all parishes in the list below.

If you would like a search to be made, please write to the Gwent FHS Secretary:

Mrs Nicola Thomas, 11 Rosser Street, Waunfelin,PONTYPOOL, Gwent NP4 6EA

…with details of the surname concerned and enclosing a cheque for the appropriate fee. This cheque must be made payable to “Gwent F.H.S.”, in £ (pounds sterling, or GBP) and drawn on a UK Bank.If the details are to posted within the UK:you must enclose a s.a.e.(at least 5″x9″) with your remittance.If the details are to posted overseas:instead of a s.a.e., include your postal address and add to the amount remitted another £3.50 for air mail.

If you believe you know the parish in which your ancestor may have been buried, look at the indexes and transcriptions of Church and Chapel Registers that we sell on microfiche (or, in some cases, on CD as well), to see if we may have the details.


The Society have created a Marriage Index for the years 1813 to 1837 for most of the parishes of the old county of Monmouthshire. It is held alphabetically in two parts, groom and bride, and many members have already traced ancestors by using this index, even though it has only recently been completed.

The fee for this service is £1.00 each for the first five marriages and 50 pence per marriage thereafter.

For details, please write to: Gwent FHS Marriage Index,C/O 41 Penalt, Llanelly Hill, Abergavenny NP7 0RA.

Alternatively, The CDROM can be purchased through our shop or through the on line store


We have researched all of the known churchyards and chapel graveyards (not Local Authority cemeteries) within the old county of Monmouthshire, as well as a few which are situated just over the county border, although some have been recorded only up to the early 1900s.

Details of the plots and of the monumental inscriptions have been transcribed and indexed, and copies of these on microfiche can be ordered from our on line store

In addition, we are able to offer an M.I. Index enquiry service. The Index has been compiled by amalgamating all the indexes from the files of the graveyards which have been recorded. The index contains names and references, but NOT the actual inscriptions.

The Indexes of COMMON NAMES are available on microfiche obtainable from our Sales Officer. However, you may not find them very helpful since many entries also have the same forenames, and you may not be able to judge whether a person is likely to be in your family unless you have significant additional information such as ages and locations. Our Common Name Fiche include the names:

  • Bevan
  • Davies
  • Edmunds
  • Edwards
  • Evans
  • Griffiths
  • Harris (+Harrison & Harry)
  • Howells
  • James (+Jameson &Jamie)
  • Jenkins (+Jennings)
  • Jones
  • Lewis (+Lewison)
  • Matthews (+ Mathias)
  • Meredith
  • Morgan
  • Morris
  • Phillips
  • Pritchard
  • Preece (+Price)
  • Prosser
  • Rees (+Rhys & Rice)
  • Richards
  • Roberts (+Robart)
  • Smith (+Smyth & Smythies)
  • Thomas
  • Walters(+Waters)
  • Watkins
  • Williams.

Our index of persons with LESS COMMON NAMES can be searched in order to supply researchers with a printed list:


Addams Thomas,Annabella Williams,028/D48. File 28 Llanbadoc, St. Madoc’s Church Fiche 49
Addams William,Elizabeth,Mary,169/Int3. File 169 Monmouth, St. Mary’s Church Fiche 66
Addams Williams Albert,Eleanor Mary,026/B17. File 26 Llangybi, St. Cybi’s Church Fiche 50
Addams Williams Alfred W,100/A187. File 100 Panteg, St. Mary’s Church Fiche 134

If you would like a printed list (as above) of all the Index entries for any FIVE UNCOMMON SURNAMES, of persons buried in any churchyard or chapel graveyard, anywhere in old Monmouthshire, write to: Mrs Nicola Thomas, 11 Rosser Street, Waunfelin, PONTYPOOL, Gwent NP4 6EA with details of the surnames you are seeking, and enclosing a cheque payable to “Gwent FHS.” for the appropriate fee (£1 for members, quoting their Membership Numbers, £2 for non members).

Please do not send additional information, because we are only able to provide you with the names and graveyards – You will have to decide which, if any, of the entries are appropriate

We regret that we are not able to send the full inscriptions. After receiving the index list, if you wish to see the full inscription of any entry you can either:

  • Visit the graveyard, although some of the inscriptions were recorded some years ago and may not now be readable, and some stones have been removed.
  • Visit the Gwent County Archives, The Works, Ebbw Vale, where copies of all our Monumental Inscriptions are freely accessible.
  • Buy a copy of the fiche which includes the graveyard of interest from the on line store as mentioned above.

If the details are to be posted within the UK: you must enclose a s.a.e.(at least 5″x9″) with your remittance. If the details are to be posted overseas: instead of a s.a.e., include your postal address and add to the amount remitted another £3.50 for air mail.

All microfiche produced by the Society and its branches are sold at the standard price of £1 (sterling) per fiche, plus a charge to cover the costs of postage and packing.Everything is available from our store


A record is kept of any family trees which members are encouraged to deposit with the Society, listing their ancestors (personal details of living relatives may be omitted). The main names appearing on the trees are listed in a card index and often, by using this, members can be put in touch with other members researching the same name.

The contact address is printed in our Journal.


This index records Monmouthshire people who have been “found” in old documents in other parts of the country. Sometimes lost ancestors can be traced in this way, and we are indebted to friends in other counties for supplying this information.

For details, please write to:Gwent FHS Strays Index, 6 Victoria Place, Abersychan,Torfaen NP4 7PU.

MEMBERS’ INTERESTS INDEX (searches available to members only)

A record is kept of the names being researched by members that they have advised us of, together with dates, places etc. These are published in the Journal as soon as possible after a member joins the Society, and they are also made available, on request, to other members who are researching the same name.

Queries – email:


Several members are willing to undertake the task of photographing places of interest within the County, a service that is much appreciated by members living in other parts of the country or overseas. Members will be required to cover the costs, which will naturally vary according to the assignment. It is impracticable to make this service available to non-members.

In the first instance, members should contact our Secretary, giving details of their request. The Secretary’s address is shown on our Society’s home page, or you can email:


As a Society, we regret that we are not able to undertake private research for individual members. However, sometimes an out-of-county member’s research comes to a halt for the want of a particular piece of information which is only accessible in Gwent. When this happens, we are often able to find a local member who is willing to spare a little time from his or her own family history researches to give a helping hand to a fellow member.

If you need assistance in this way, please contact our Secretary, who will send you a list of members who have expressed a willingness to help in this way. However, this will be done on the strict understanding that the Society can accept no further responsibility – all arrangements, including all expenses, costs, fees etc, must be agreed between the parties themselves. The Secretary’s address is shown on our Society’s home page, or you can email:

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are writing to anyone seeking assistance, you must enclose a stamped, addressed envelope or, if overseas, two International Reply Coupons. Our officers providing these services are only able to answer requests received by post, so please do not try to telephone them, nor contact them via e-mail unless this is specifically mentioned. If you are a member, please quote your membership number.