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COPYRIGHT We understand that some groups (and individuals) are ignoring Copyright Laws by buying indexes or other publications and publishing them online without permission. Some societies have complained to these unauthorized users with variable success. Any Member Society taking part in suspect activity may be asked to resign from the FFHS.

Use of CD-ROMs may be subject to a Licence Agreement that places restrictions on the way in which the data may be used. For example, the Licence Agreement for the National Burial Index(issued by the Federation of Family History Societies)states that “You may not publish or sell any portion of the softwareand data, in printed, electronic, or any other format,without prior written consent of the Licensors.

E-mailing part of the data resulting from a look-up is regarded as publishing in printed or electronic format. Copyright laws only allow copying of a limited percentage of copyright data for personal use. Frequent copying of small amounts of data (which look-ups entail) amounts to excessive use rather than a limited percentage. There is a significant difference between doing the odd look-up as a favour to a friend, and a look-up service publicly offered to all subscribers to a Mailing List or visitors to a web-site. The latter is an inducement to use the look-up service rather than to buy the original copyrighted product. If you find any material being misused in such a way, please contact

Microfiche Please be aware that a Microfiche reader machine is needed to be able to read the information contained on the microfiche we sell